Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (TOS) govern the relationship between you and SecRate. We may update the TOS at any time. When we issue an update to these terms, we will make a best effort to notify you via your verified email address. The latest TOS will always be available at secrate.io/tos for your viewing. You agree that the latest TOS will always govern the relationship between you and SecRate, should you continue to use the site after an update to the terms.


By registering an account with SecRate, you attest that you are at least 13 years of age. If you are registering for a general account, you also attest that your use of the site is entirely for personal and not business activities. If you are a business attempting to register to view information on the site, you agree to register for a business account (At this time, contact us directly at: customercare (at) secrate.io). Even as a representitive of a business: to register a general account for business activities is against this agreement. We define business activities as any activity for which the majority purpose is to further the aims of a business or businesses.


By registering an account on this site, you agree that you will never seek to sue our team for any loss, damage, etc... which may come from your use of this site, either directly or indirectly. That covers everything. If you're looking down at your phone to read a review while you cross the street, you can't sue us for being interesting. If someone says something you don't like in a review, you definitely can't sue us for what they said. Even if someone says something nasty about you in a review, you agree for all these things, damage, annoyance, whatever, you won't sue us. You 100% use this site at your own risk.

We of course, make every effort to follow all applicable laws. And we ask you do the same. When it comes to the last example... we take libel, harassment, stalking, threats, etc... very seriously. You may contact us about anything you see that violates our Community Guidelines. But you understand and agree that we are not liable for the content our users choose to put on our platform. Furthermore, you understand and agree that even if you disagree with a decision we may make with regard to removing content posted by a third party, we still aren't liable for anything they may or may not say. If you have a beef with someone, please take it up with them.

Copyright Stuff

You're gonna be coming across a lot of copyrighted stuff on this site. Stuff that we own the copyrights to, such as the code for the site itself. By using this site we are granting you a license to use, but not a license to transfer, or reproduce, our copyrighted content.

Assignment of Rights

In the same vein as the above, by using our site... when you submit content to the site (register for an account, post a review, change a password, etc) you agree to give to us a license to publish your content in any way we see fit. You also give us a license to modify the content, reproduce it, and/or transfer the license to a third party. What this means is, you agree that we may take the reviews you write, and sell them to third parties. However, as is stated explicitly in our Privacy Policy: we do not make money off of selling personal data about you. We instead sell access to content generated about the reviewed products on our site. This enables third parties to understand and inform their actions (such as refusing to buy an app with a low security score). By agreeing to this document, you also agree to allow us to use the content you generate along with the guidelines set out in the privacy policy.


We reserve the right to cancel this contract with you at any time. We may delete your account if you violate the site's rules. If you wish to terminate your service with us, you may delete your account at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customercare (at) secrate.io