Privacy Policy

The team at SecRate takes your privacy and security incredibly seriously. It is for this very reason that we created our service. Our primary objective is to serve you, empowering you by helping you to gather the knowledge to make informed decisions with regard to how your data is being used and/or abused across the web. As such, protecting any data that we may collect ourselves is part of our core mission.

When you visit SecRate, you do reveal some limited information about yourself. Unless you are behind a proxy, our servers will see the IP address that is connecting to us. This information is stored in our server logs; and may be used to help us troubleshoot problems with the site.

Our site does make use of cookies in order to track user sessions. In order to leave reviews, you must have a user account. Cookies are essential for this process. When you sign in, our server gives your browser a "session cookie" which the browser hands back to the server as part of every request. When the server sees that special cookie, it knows that you're allowed to leave reviews, and view secured pages.

Additionally, we may make use of analytics software to help us get an understanding of our audience; in order to better develop the site. Audience tracking through such an extension does not give us user specific information. Rather it helps us to see trends over time, such as if a specific page generates particular interest among visitors.

When you choose to register an account on our site; we request a basic set of information from you. We do require a valid email address; but your username is up to you, as long as its not already taken... It certainly doesn't have to be your real name. Our business model does not rely on selling data about you to third parties. You are also given the ability to fill out some parts of your profile with personal information, such as Twitter handle, location, and bio. What you put in these fields is entirely up to you. It could be real values, gibberish, or nothing at all.

We make money by selling companies access to our collection of security and privacy reviews. This may enable those companies to respond to user comments, build better services, predict how to defeat competitors, understand the direction in which the markets will head, etc. When you leave a review for a company, as per the Terms of Service, you give us a license to publish your review, and sell access to it.

What this means is that we do not have any need for selling your personal data (data about you). If a company wants to reach out to help with a problem referenced in a review, we may allow them to forward a message through us; which we would send to your email. But we will not give the company direct access to your email address.

Of course, if you put your Twitter account in your bio, that information is published publicly on the website. Anyone who clicks on your username will be taken to your profile; there they may click the link to your Twitter, and contact you directly.

Please do note that all of the information we publish on our website is available to anyone with a user account. There are no private profiles (at least not at this time). So in this regard, your privacy is entirely up to you. If you choose to make your username your real name, and list your home address under the "location" field of your profile, we won't be selling that information... but anyone could see it. Please don't do that.

When it comes to security, our team is built upon a foundation of experts in the field... from current and former ethical hackers, to industry executives; we seek to make the security of your information our number one priority. As such we are not going to detail here what exactly we do to protect our service. Just know that we are looking out for you as best we possibly can.

Since we collect very minimal information on visitors, we do not offer any sort of opt-out features at this time. This may change in the future, and if you do have any idea for how we might more readily provide a seamless and private experience we would be delighted to hear from you.

Additionally, if you would like to have us address a specific question, correct an error with regard to your information, delete your information... etc; or if you believe you have identified a way in which our team is not living up to the policy above, please reach out and send us an email at: privacy (at)