What is SecRate?

SecRate exists to collect reviews on the security and privacy features of websites and mobile applications. You've probably seen other review type sites before. Some sites allow you to review the food at a restaurant, or the customer service of a movie theater, etc. We allow you to review companies on how good/bad they are at protecting their users data.

Who can leave Reviews?

We encourage everyone with an opinion to leave a review via this website. It doesn't matter if you're a world famous hacker, or barely understand how a computer works. We trust that if you have an opinion, that opinion came from somewhere. Maybe it came from first hand experience, or from reading a news article. Whatever the source, and whatever the opinion, we want to hear from you.

Maybe you really feel like you don't know "enough" about security and privacy to make a hyperinformed review. Don't worry, we have systems in place to point out expert reviews. You may not be an expert, but we're sure you have somthing to offer. With enough perspectives, we can build a decently complete picture of an organizations security and privacy features.

So if you see something, if you know something, if you think something, say something, the world needs to know!

Will SecRate sell my data?

Absolutely not! How silly would that be of us, to make a website dedicated to protecting your data across the web, just to sell it ourselves. We wouldn't dare. Instead, our plan to keep the lights on is to allow free access for home/personal use. But to charge businesses for access to theh site. That's why we require you accept the Terms of Service prior to going anywhere else.

How do I find sites/apps?

You can find a particular site or mobile application using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you're not sure what you're looking for, then check out the dropdown menu lableled "explore" in the navbar above.

What exactly gets rated here?

SecRate allows users to rate websites and mobile applications. We focus primarily on popular sites and apps. So when we're talking about "sites" we mean that you can rate Facebook.com or Google.com(For example). You can also rate mobile applications such as Instagram or Airbnb.

But how do you rate things?

Ahhhh, great question. In the end it's subjective and therefore up to you to decide. What we're looking for, is your opinion as to how secure these sites are (Security); and how likely they are to misuse data they collect (Privacy). For example, you may have heard a news story about how an app collects all your location data and sells it to third parties. That would be a Privacy failure on the part of the app. So you might consider rating their Privacy a one star (one lock)!

Security has less to do with how a company behaves, and more to do with how well they protect your data from hackers. Perhaps you saw in the news that a company was recently hacked, and lost hundreds of thousands of user accounts. That would be a Security Failure!!! The world should know that they didn't protect their users, rate their Security a one star (one lock) so people know its not safe!